Hey, my name is Craig Crosby. I’ve been happily married to my wife Aimee since August 23, 1997. We are blessed to have four boys Matthew, Joel, Seth, and Asher who always keep life interesting. I am a real man, with real problems, who just happens be a pastor. I have been a minister of the gospel since surrendering to God’s call in the summer of 1993. I am still learning daily how to better love God and love people. Every blog you read of mine pours out of my own soul searching and discoveries of God’s life giving truth. I pray it touches your life in some way!


4 comments on “About

  1. Craig…..what a wonderful meassage today! One that was very much needed! I battle this problem with Jamie daily and I find myself fueling the fire….Maybe out of habit, after 16 years….But, after reading this this morning….I will, like Jesus, step away….Thank you!

  2. Craig, this is Godfrey Ritter. We met at the Moseley’s as we ministered to the family. Can you email me? I have a question about Hospice. Thanks.


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