404 Posts/ 50,000 Readers / 128 Countries

People EverywhereOn July 26, 2012, God led me to write my first ever blog and I was thinking this would likely be a huge waste of time. Over 355 articles later read by over 50,000 readers in 128 countries, I am blown away by the lives touched. This venue has given me the opportunity to connect with an audience I won’t every actually see this side of heaven. I am very grateful for every subscriber, kind comment, and personal message sent my way. I realize there is no limit as to how the right God inspired words and truth can help those who find themselves in a difficult place. Every blog I write comes from life experiences and an imperfect man seeking God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will in this life. God bless you all as you journey through life.

*Email me at scraigcrosby@gmail.com if you any prayer requests or would like for me to write on a particular subject matter. 


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