3 comments on “Flag Up, Flag Down: WHO CARES?

  1. I personally disagree with you. I picked cotton when I young and worked on a farm. I picked tobacco and plowed a mule. I worked side by side with my black friends and white friends in the fields. We were paid the same wage and loved each as brothers and sisters. The flag is not about race it is about all southerners surviving together. All these died and paid a big price for whites and blacks. This is kin people and friends buried and you make these statements. You want to dig up the buried! You remember GOD DON’T LOVE UGLY! MAY GOD BLESS!

  2. Jerry, I appreciate your honest comment and see nothing to disagree with. I never said the flag was all about racism, but that is the perception of many. That perception comes from unfortunately many racist folks that have loudly paraded that flag in the face of others they obviously dislike. Thanks for sharing!

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