4 comments on “More Than A Pack Of Cigarettes

  1. Craig the way I look at it is you was giving her her last wish I have known Sharon for a long time her and my sister Dorothy was best friends and co workers for ever and the way I see it in Sharon’s mind the damage was all ready done so what did she have to lose. If I was in your shoes I would have done the same thing you are a true friend to her .

  2. Craig, what a great tribute . Did not know Sharon but she must have been an incredible lady . this reminds me so much of Julie and her strengths during her battle . Reading this article and thinking of Sharon and Julie is a big inspiration . We should all wake everyday and count our blessing . Thanks for sharing . Jan Pendarvis Garten

  3. This post gave me a little more hope and lifted me up, so I can take my life a day or an hour at the time. I’m 34 but was diagnosed with MS at 24. It’s been a very hard road sense then with terrible pain some days, little energy and lots of sickness. I also suffer with depression and anxiety and to tell the truth that is sometimes worse than the pain. Fortunately I’m blessed with a strong faith in The Lord and He gave me wonderful parents and a select but very good friends. Somehow The Lord gives me a pick me up everyday. Today my pick me up is this story of continuous deep faith, courage, true friendship, love, and to remember to look for The Lord to find comfort when no one else can stop the pain, strength to face the setbacks and to face the anxiety or depression. Thank you for passing this story forward, because it truly did pick me up! 😄💗💗💗 Thank you so very much.

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