2 comments on “Grieving Through The Holidays

  1. Thanks Craig and Aimee for sharing these words. It has been 9 years since God called Nelson to be with him and it seems like yesterday! I have cried everyday, for he was my best-friend, my mate, the love of my life. We did everything together from cleaning house, shopping, to doing yard work. I have been totally lost in this world on my journey for I am alone now. Yes, people have told me you have your children, NO it’s NOT the same! My chilkdren have their own lives and Yes I am a big part of it but nothing can replace the love of a spouse. There are married couples that NEVER say to each other I love you – and NEVER share the closeness as one. I can’t ever imagine living this way! My children have learned we have no choice but to take one day at a time- one minute at a time – He was a Godly man that taught us unconditional love and protected his family unconditionally. He was a great leader in his family. So, I will continue to cry and be sad, even though you may see me with as smile on my face. God always knows what He is doing – when he joint us together as one – we were one.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and May God’s grace be with you in the upcoming new year.
    I love you and please love my boys for me!
    Hugs . . . .

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