8 comments on “I BOUGHT A SIX PACK OF BEER

  1. Well, I’ll tell you what I get out of it, and I hope it helps someone else. I think it just goes to show that not only do we have to step out of our comfort zone to help lead people to Christ, but sometimes, God can use something that we see as sin, to help someone come to Him. Personally, I see nothing wrong with someone drinking a beer or a glass of wine sometimes. It doesn’t become sin until that person HAS to have it in order to function. Then it becomes their “idol”. But that is my opinion, it may be right, it may be wrong.
    I said all that to say that even with all of your ministry experiences and education, I am proud of you (as a friend and brother in Christ) for being willing to follow the leading of God (even when it went against all you know) and step out of your comfort zone to help someone find Christ. It seems as if you had the courage to step out of the boat and into the sea, trusting that you would stay on top of the waves with Jesus by your side.

    • Craig, I would say you had a great day through God and a 6 pack!!! God brought you to it and he brought you through it (without Helen seeing you because you may not have had time to explain) seriously, God has made you an awesome person and He works through you so often. Thanks for always following God, going where he sends you, and leading others to God – you have made a difference in so many lives, just keep following for that leads you!!

  2. Awesome! You are right “do whatever if takes”. You would not place experienced Gods work if you worried what some Christian would say. “real Christians is what people need”

  3. I now believe you too be an even greater Man of God than I thought you were before I read this. You set religion aside and met this man where he was with a simple token that let him know you were his friend and for that he received what you had to share. Well Done Pastor!

  4. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!! I wish someone like you had been available to take my Daddy a six pack before the lung cancer took him away. It would have done my heart good to know he had been saved prior to his passing. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and blessing this family !!!! Your blogs touch my heart !!!!!!!!
    Thank you !!!!!!!

    • Julie I always appreciate your kind words. Only God knows the condition of your dad’s heart prior to his passing. I do know it means a lot to family when they know for sure in their heart where a person stands in their relationship with God especially as death draw nears.The awesome thing about God’s grace is as long is there is still breath there is still a chance for future hope and salvation. We are all a thief on the cross in need of a savior. I got a feeling this won’t be the last six pack I give away. God bless you and your family.

  5. What a beautiful, heart touching story!!! Sincere tears of love and joy did I experience during the reading. Paul kept coming to my mind, when he said “I will be all things to all people, that I might save some through the power of the Gospel”. Hope that paraphrase is close enough, I am getting rusty. But this kind of experience kindles the fire and makes one want to be more of what we are here for. Thank you for being such a willing vessel and allowing God to touch this man’s heart through you!

  6. Craig, That is a beautiful story. I used to feel very awkward speaking to people and telling them about my God. Now I will tell anyone who will listen that I am a sinner in need of God’s grace and that I would offer His grace to them if they would but take it! You did what God directed you to do today with a little hesitation at first, but you knew in your heart to trust Him and he’d do the rest! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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